Homemade avocado face mask, skincare, diy facemask

Yes, this is me in a state, with avocado slapped all over my face.  Apparently it is meant to have healing properties and look after your skin. Want to see if I am looking daft for the sake of it, or if indeed it did work?

So this Shrek/Princess Fiona face came about as I had an over-ripe avocado in the fridge. It got missed and I never did eat that bacon and avocado salad. Instead of letting it go to waste, I wondered if the rumours were true and if it did indeed do great stuff for your skin.

I peeled and mashed to my heart's content and slapped it all over, as you can see from the flattering pictures above. Added nothing and smoothed as best I could over my face. This must be the most natural product I have ever used.

My face started to sting a little, only slightly. It wasn't uncomfortable and after ten minutes of looking rather silly, I rinsed off with cool water. The results weren't immediate, however the following morning, my skin was unusually very soft, smooth and redness significantly reduced.

I was impressed. For the price of £1 soft, smooth, looked-after skin.  So what are you waiting for? Raid your fridge and see if you have an avocado which needs using up. Don't go hungry though!

I would love to know if any of you give this a try and see your photos. #beansgreenface