Latest Favourites, The Girl on The Train, The Sanctuary, Burts Bees Hand Cream, Lush Love Lettuce, Nails Inc Nail Kale, Essence, Bourjois, Jo Malone

Now and then, tonnes of great products come along at once and I feel the need to share the love.  I am a little lax with monthly favourites (sorry about that), however there comes a point, when products have been good to me and there is an urgency to let you all in on the secret. On a surprising note I have also managed to finish a novel this month.  I love reading, however I seem so busy these days that I don't get to read as much as I would like.

The Girl on the Train is certainly a good read. Not my favourite book ever, however it's an easy read with twists and turns. Not going to ruin the plot, but if you like Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, this is of a similar genre. It did take me a while to get into this book, however two thirds through, there was a sudden OMFG moment, and I was hooked. I haven't managed to finish a book in ages, so for that reason,  this book makes it into my favourites. If you have any recommendations for my next read, please let me know.

Moving onto skincare.  I've needed a little help with this lately and Lush's Love Lettuce has been a real lifesaver. A great smelling, effective, gentle mask.  For the full review and a rather fetching picture of me with said mask on said face, click here.

The Sanctuary's Radiance Exfoliator is one of the best and cheapest scrubs I have used. Gentle, but effective enough to leave skin feeling smooth and looking radiant. If you wish to give this a try you can pick up a travel size for around just £3.00

Latest Favourites, The Girl on The Train, The Sanctuary, Burts Bees Hand Cream, Lush Love Lettuce, Nails Inc Nail Kale, Essence, Bourjois, Jo Malone

Makeup wise I don't have many new favourites, as most days I use the same products, only on the odd occasion I switch it up. On those occasions I have been loving this budget friendly lippie from Essence (07 Natural Beauty). Amelia Liana raved about this on her channel and with good reason. The perfect nude. Hydrating, non-cakey, lasts ages on the lips and cheap as chips. One of the best new products I have found in a long, long time. 

Making an appearance most days is Bourjois' Poudre De Riz. This powder leaves the skin radiant, setting makeup to a lovely finish. And it's non-cakey! Perfect for that fresh glow.

The newest nail product on the block is Nails Inc's Nail Kale Superfood Base Coat. Always on a mission to get my brittle nails in check, I have been slapping this on. I will let you know at some point if this wonder product does live up to the hype, but so far so good. Nails look healthy and shiny. I'm just waiting to see if the kale helps these flaky talons.  

I have been using Burt's Bees Almond and Milk Hand Cream alongside and the duo seem to be working well together. This hand cream is a real gem, it smells divine (like marzipan) and really hydrates and softens my hands. It's quite greasy, so you only need a smidgen, because of the greasiness cuticles seem to love this, so in turn it's also helping my nails.

Last on my list is Jo Malone's Blackberry and Bay. Fresh and fruity and nearly two thirds of the way through the bottle I am going to have to pick up another one soon. B and B is fast becoming my signature scent. Note to self; I must buy a replacement soon.