First Impressions: Kiss Cosmetics 'Beyond Limitations' Mascara

When Kiss Cosmetics asked me if I would like to review one of their unreleased products, of course I said yes.  When a brightly coloured tube of mascara landed on my desk at work, I couldn't wait to give this a shot. After all I am a self-confessed mascara fiend. 

Let's start with the packaging. I normally go for understated and classic, not bright and hot pink.  Kiss' 'Beyond Limitations' mascara wouldn't look out of place in a teenage make-up lovers bag. Not  one to judge something on first impressions, I decided not to make any opinions until I had tried the actual formula of the mascara, after all it's what's on the inside that counts right?

The brush is massive and coats lashes well, however it's slightly on the large side and is hard to coat all the lashes in the corners.  I did have to use a few cotton wool buds and make up remover to clean up along the way.

I love the formula, slightly wet, not overly so.  This mascara is designed to lengthen and separate and does so well. 2 coats is sufficient and lashes do appear natural, long and the definition is fantastic.

The jet black formula is gentle on the lashes. Paraben free and packed with goodness to provide nutrition to promote long and strong lashes. The formula also includes hard wax to hold the lashes in place. The curl lasted all day and there was no flaking.

I personally think that the actual formulation is great.  If I was to design this product, I would make the 'turbine' shaped brush slightly smaller and do away with the slightly cheap looking packaging.

This mascara hits the shelves on 28th May. The effect is similar to that of Benefit's Roller Lash, for a fraction of the price.  At £9.00 this is a great mascara to try.  I would definitely consider picking this up again in the future.

*PR Sample