lush ro argn body conditioner, loreal true match, benefit puff off, chanel, nars, all day luminous weightless foundation, pressed powder

Not one to focus too much on products that don't really make the cut. I seem to have had an in-flux of products that just aren't working for me at the moment. Some have been raved about all over You Tube and blogging land. however these 5 just don't do it for me.

Let's start off with Nars' latest release. Loving the original Nars Sheer Glow, which I only sold in a blog sale as it was too pale, I recently picked up the new All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation from Space NK. Colour matched to Deauville, when this was applied in store, I loved it. As the name suggests the formula is lightweight, a similar texture and coverage to Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua, it looked pretty and flawless. However since having home, I have used for 4 days in a row and the results have been disastrous. By lunch time, the foundation has separated on the skin, clinging to all the obvious dry patches and looking far from flawless. From a distance it looked nice, close-up it sits on the skin and clings. I have had to remove this with makeup wipes when I've been at work, not ideal. Hugely disappointed and since sold on Depop.

lush ro argn body conditioner, loreal true match, benefit puff off, chanel, nars, all day luminous weightless foundation, pressed powder

Another foundation that just didn't work for me was L'Oreal's True Match. Similar to Nars, slightly heavier, this separated, clung terribly and by midday had completely disappeared over my t-zone.
Safe to say I will not be buying again. And I so wanted to like this.

Benefit's Puff Off had the usual hype, tonnes of marketing and ultra-cute packaging. Another product that just didn't hit the mark. I like it. Just don't love it. In theory, the applicator is a great idea, a cold metal plate, that you run under the eye area to de-puff.  All with an illuminator to help keep things bright. Great idea, however it seemed to drag the skin under my eyes terribly whichever way I tried. I much prefer a roller-ball. Used a few times, I will be passing this on as well. love the idea, dislike the product.

The yellow-toned compact shown is Chanel's Poudre Universelle Compacte. I have been trying to use this translucent powder up. Originally bought to keep in my handbag for touch ups, the compact is beautiful and stylish. The powder disappointing. It is finely milled, however it literally does nothing. Like most people, I like powder to disappear and be undetectable. This does that, but it offers no control over shine and as much as you sweep over the shiny areas, it has no effect.

Last off is Lush's Ro Argan Body Conditioner. This sounded like a great idea, a beautiful rose scented shower cream.  Easy to apply and quick to use, this would replenish moisture and improve skin texture.  This just left a sticky film over the skin. I rubbed in and rinsed off as directed and felt the need to use a shower gel straight afterwards to wash the product away, which just defeats the object. Not one I would buy again and I found rather pointless.

As much as I didn't like this conditioner from Lush, I have a review coming up on a rather special face mask.