Interview: 12 Questions with The Sunday Girl

So I was lucky enough to be able to fire some quick questions at the lovely Adrienne, the blogger behind the fantastic 'The Sunday Girl'.  Jam packed with product reviews, updated daily, there is something for everyone to read.  If you're not following already, why not?  Head over to The Sunday Girl to take a look. Thanks very much to Adrienne for agreeing to do this.  After many email exchanges, the answers eventually came through (modern technology hey?) and here's what she had to say......

1.  What are your top 3 Holy Grail products?
MAC Painterly Paint Pot, Bio-Oil and Lush Ocean Salt Body Scrub.

2.  What are your top 3 tips to improve an already established blog?
I think we are all still working things out and figuring out where we want to take our blogs so I have no real answer.  Personally I think it is best to stick to what you know, that is why your readers visit in the first place. 

3. If you could pick any mascara, which would you buy?
I currently swear by Benefit Roller Lash Mascara.

4. If you could only choose 1 item to take around the world, what would you take?
A lifetime supply of Clarins UV shield - I don't mess around when it comes to SPF ha!

5.  And where would you go?
All the places I have yet to visit: Brazil, Jamaica, Hawaii, Cuba, main land Greece and a tour of Italy.

6. Would you say starting a blog is easy? 
It is easy in the sense that anyone can do it, all you need is passion and time which is wonderful but it does take time to do in terms of content and of course grow should that be a goal. If anyone is on the fence about starting a blog I would urge them to give it a go - what do you have to loose?

7. Which beauty product would you put in room 101?
Those lip suction devices (Pouty Lips I believe they are called?), they look painful!

8.  How do you store all the wonderful products you have? 
Lots of Ikea storage and of course allowing those near and dear to shop my stash, I don't like to hoard make-up.

9.  Your Favourite MAC lipstick of all time.
MAC Angel - I imagine it always will be within my top 5 most reached for lipsticks.

10. Which 5 products would you pick up in Duty Free?
A Tom Ford fragrance - I like to purchase a new one each time I jet off, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair II, A MAC lipstick and blush (most likely MAC Angel and MAC Mocha) and perhaps a Chanel lipstick. I tend to pass through Duty Free and head for the Rituals store in Glasgow airport.

11. What was the first high-end make up product your bought?
MAC Dolly Mix Blush - it didn't suit me then and still doesn't!

12. If you could chose one make-up removal product, what would it be?
I love a good cleansing gel such as Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel but I do like most cleansers of this type.

My wish list has expanded further!  If you would like me to fire some questions at you, please contact me.....