Benefit The Porefessional

How many times do you stare at the reflection in the mirror and wish your pores would disappear?  I know I do. Luckily, I would say I have average sized pores, however I have a little scaring, which I do my best to conceal.

Long have I used this primer from Benefit, but The Porefessional hasn't had much credit on Bean's Beauty Blog for the great job it does.  This little tube of goodness has lasted me ages. Yes, I know you're meant to have a clear out every few months, but this little baby is still going strong (after nearly 2 years I believe). Over the bridge of my nose, I do have a little scar, I am not sure what from, but if you look close enough there is a small indentation. Stippling Porefessional over my mark works wonders. To me, this is like Polyfilla for the skin, but much less heavy.  It fills in my scar, leaving a smooth base for foundation to be applied. On no makeup days, if I just smooth this over my nose, then the scar is blurred out and disappears. Much like a magic filter!

Using this lightweight primer, not only prolongs foundation wear, but it leaves skin so smooth and soft. My scar is hidden and my already good skin looks flawless once foundation has been applied.

So for me I don't use this so much to sort out the pores, but to conceal scaring and I will tell you for free, this is pretty darn incredible!