I could not wait to post this, yes it's out of sync and not in my schedule to post on a Wednesday, however there was just something about this post I liked, so for all the list lovers out there, here goes.......

It appears I'm not the only one who makes lists and relies on them, it seems many of you on Twitter often have your notebook and pen at the ready.

Being the Queen of organisation, I love a list.  I write lists for everything and then write another list to coincide with the original list.

There's daily lists, hour-by-hour lists, weekly lists and half completed lists.  I love nothing more than crossing off a few items from one list, e.g. have a shower (yes that goes on a busy day list), put out the rubbish, and take a trip to the cash point.  Then compiling a new list with less to do.  It's so satisfying, even if it's just taking the garden waste to the tip, de-thawing that chicken for tonight's curry or sending an email.  I love being productive and getting stuff done.

Lost without a list, I have a stash of notepads to keep me organised and am often found writing some kind of list. Be it a blogging list, food list, Primark or Space NK list.

So in honour of the great list, I have decided to giveaway a Chroma notebook. You can choose the colour, style and message you would like adding to the cover. Maybe this could be for blogging lists?

To enter, complete the mandatory steps below on the Rafflecopter.  Once the winner has been drawn at random, I will contact you, so I can order your notebook.

Then I can make yet another list. I can feel another one coming on as I type.......(mental note to self: add photos to this post, add Rafflecopter, buy toilet rolls, book travel insurance, pick up coat from drycleaners, pay credit card bill).  Literally the list goes on.

Good Luck all.

a Rafflecopter giveaway