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Hands up if you hate dark under-eye circles?  They make you look drained, tired and like you have not made it to bed the night before. Who would like to be able to cover them up in an effective way? Have you answered yes to these daft questions? Yes?  Me too.

With one thing and another, I seem to be constantly on the go. An early riser, I do everything before I hit the office and work a 9-5. Washing, ironing, cleaning, lunch-making, food shopping, cat feeding, the list goes on. I feel extremely busy all the time, so it's not surprising that now and then, the dark circles surface.

I have it DOWN. I have finally figured out the best products to work for me, and to cover those bags. I can work day and night (well, not quite) and look fairly awake the next day. It's all thanks to my first hero in the concealer category, Benefit's Erase Paste. An easy to blend, fairly thick colour corrector, which effectively hides those dark bags.  

The easiest way to blend in this magic paste, is by using the tips of your fingers. The warmth from your skin, just makes the concealer melt.  Once I have pretty much blended this in, I use my favourite brush ever (FYI Real Techniques Expert Face Brush) to just go over the area, to make sure everything is blended together seamlessly.

Wanting a cheaper concealer? Maybelline's The Eraser is fantastic. Fairly creamy, this gives less coverage, but is a real budget-friendly find. I'm well aware this is all over the blog-o-sphere. But with good reason, a fantastic, effective eye perker-upper. With a cheap price tag.

To set your concealer in place, grab your favourite translucent powder, and tap the powder on top of the concealer using the Real Techniques Setting Brush. This perfectly shaped small brush, is ideal to use around the eyes and nose area to get in all those nooks and crannys. Setting the concealer with the powder, will make it last much longer and hopefully stop any creasing. 

Concealer done.  Need help with your foundation? Click here.

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