Changes to Beans Beauty Blog, BBB, Blogging

Ever the perfectionist, I am never happy.  Always striving to be the best I can be. This goes for my blog as well.

If you are a regular reader you may have already caught my 'Hopes and Having a Break' post, way back in January. Basically this was my hopes for the year and dreams of improving my blog.

I have changed the layout, header and template more times than I can remember.  January was the last time.  Since then I have changed to a grid layout, momentarily anyway.  This caused major headaches with the social icons and Blogger was just not having any of it.  I decided reluctantly to do away and have a simple template. Which I did. However my blog pretty much looked like it did before.  There was nothing wrong with it, however it wasn't quite right.

I am sure, many of you out there can relate to this.  There are so many blogs, I want to be different. It's hard to stand out, so this was my plan. Keep the header. I still love it.  All my favourite products. I love the colours and it perks up a monochrome blog no-end.  Plus it's custom.

Changes to Beans Beauty Blog, BBB, Blogging

So here I am 3 months later, with a snazzy new design.  I wanted to provide an easy to use site. The navigation bar of my page now has 6 topic sections; beauty, life, style, blogging, travel and haul. I was getting far too many topics,so thought would make this more streamlined.  As in my last update, I am still working on a few New York posts, so these will be up sometime in the future. 

I also wanted to bring back the Product Directory and add a Top Beauty Buys. The directory will be updated as often as possible, so if there is a particular product you wish to find, this would be the place to go. Top Beauty Buys features Holy Grail products and will be added to on a regular basis. This is the place to find the products I really love. Tried and tested.

Scheduling is changing too.  I plan to post every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 8am (GMT), starting from the week beginning 24/03/2015.  There will also be bonus posts along the way.

On my Contact Page I have added a contact form, if you wish to request any posts or reviews, please feel free to use. Wanna catch up with Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram?  My feeds are now at the bottom of the page and something I plan to work on.

I hope that you enjoy looking around, and any feedback would be very welcome. I'd love to hear what you all think. Thanks to Pipdig for helping me.