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The one which kicked off my 'cleanser craze', Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel has become a firm favourite. Originally I didn't really get the hype this cleanser created.  After the first few tries, my opinion was rather that of 'take it or leave it', that is until my skin started to improve. This is actually rather special. It smells incredible. That zingy scent you get. You know the one, which makes you feel awake, alive? Described as a gel this is more of a balm, which almost feels a little oily.

Jam-packed with Vitamin C and E, I take great pleasure massaging this into my skin every AM. Everything else is relegated, that is until it runs out. I wish you knew how much you had used however, as I am dreading the day that pump stops pumping. I must take a trip to spacenk.co.uk to stock up, pronto!  For the evening I have been using up an oldie but a goodie, Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish.

For as long as I can remember I have always had at least one tube of this in my skin drawer. This 200ml tube has lasted me months and months, however, I can tell the end is nigh. Kind of relieved as I have so many others to try.  Still this stuff is sooo good, it packs a real punch.  Massaging into dry skin at night, this breaks it all down and removes every last scrap of flaking mascara and left over lippie. Definitely one to buy again, however for now C & P, I am going to be disloyal, there's a new kid in town....

Free from parabens and sulphates, Herbalife's Skin Polishing Citrus Cleanser* has been good to my skin. It's been a long standing member in our shower, and every last trace of this miracle worker has now gone. This vibrant cleanser wakes you up, the jojoba micro-beads gently polish the skin to leave your face soft, clean and refreshed. It's lightweight on the skin and it foams. This product is marketed as perfect for oily skin, prone to shine. Mine being on the dry side, with a slightly oily t-zone loved this. Over time my nose has become less oily and the mid-afternoon shine less noticeable.  My partner has used this on more than one occasion.  Not one to normally comment on the oodles of potions and lotions we have in our bathroom, even he made a remark. Something similar to 'you know that cleanser in the shower? The beady one? I like that'. It must be good!

*PR Sample