LORAC Pro Palette, eyeshadow palette

LORAC's Pro Palette is elusive, It has taken me months to get my hands on this.  And it was definitely worth it. A fantastic neutral palette, packed with 16 highly pigmented (8 matte and 8 shimmer), buttery shades. Living in the UK has proved difficult to track this down.

My cousin couldn't even find this in NYC. The nearest Ulta was 4 miles from Manhattan and there were no guarantees it would even be in stock. As you probably know Sephora do not stock LORAC and Ulta do not ship to the UK.

Browsing the web one rainy Sunday afternoon, I somehow ended up on Nordstrom's page. Intrigued to see if they stocked it I headed on over to their beauty pages.  Not holding out much hope, I was surprised to see they did, it was available to buy and they shipped to the UK.

The actual palette was only around £29. You are able to arrange to pay all duty and taxes before your items are delivered. The shipping was nearly as much as the palette (expensive), but 7 days later it turned up.

Since delivery I have been using this palette most days, it certainly does not disappoint. You make think if you have one neutral palette you have seen them all, however this is on another level.

If you wish to get your paws on this, head on over to Nordstrom.