Bioderma, Syelash curlers, blotting paper, antibac, tweezers
Applying makeup on a daily basis it has since occurred to me, that there are a few absolute essentials to help with the job in hand.  Whether to curl, clean or tidy up, these fab few are the ones to help me achieve a (hopefully) nicely made-up face, with minimal fuss.

I am a neat freak and whether I am keeping a tidy home, or applying foundation, everything has to be clean. Essentially the first thing I do every time I apply my base is use some antibac. Particular? Yes. However it fills me with a certain amount of joy that I am not spreading germs, so will hopefully avoid dreaded break-outs.

Cotton Wool Buds
A clean up essential. If the MAC Brow set has gone slightly too high to leave me with quite frankly ridiculous eyebrows, the mascara has smudged, or the lip liner has bled. I hit the stash. Ideal used with......

Fragrance free, gentle and gets the job done. Gets rid of those pesky makeup blunders perfectly. Then just retouch.

Eyelash Curlers
Shu Uemura's curlers have completely changed my lashes. Luckily I have fluttery-ish lashes, however this iconic tool lifts the eyes leaving eyes open and bright-eyed. Did I really need to purchase these? I didn't actually think I did until now.  A game-changer. Wider, open eyes, curled lashes (all day). Brilliant. And did I mention?  Just £20.00, with no needle in sight!

nail polish remover pot, cotton wool buds, anitbac, bioderma, eyelash curler

NYX Blotting Paper
Not used so much for makeup application but jolly handy to keep in your bag. Any blotting paper or in fact a paper towel works just as well. Blot, blot, blot throughout the day to keep the t-zone shine-free.

Bourjois Handy Nail Polish Remover Pot
Portable, handy and removes polish. Brilliant on the go, when you're dashing to work (in a rush),  to remove that chipped polish.

Tweezing is so unsexy. However I am sure most women like a fuzz-free face to work with.  These sharp tweezers are fantastic, removing any stray unwanted hairs to leave your skin baby soft. So much easier to apply eyeshadow with a smooth canvas.