So the mission became clear, the usual. Every year since 2000, New Year, new start.  Get fit, improve my nails, be the biggest blogger on the planet, be happy, apply winged eyeliner perfectly.  Learn something, maybe first aid, or cookery. Yes, cookery, the best Victoria sandwich is heading your way.

Heading straight back down to earth, after the initial, yes I am going to do this and this and this, and improve this and this and this, these are my realistic hopes of the year.


1. Wardrobe Detox - I started early. 3pm, New Year's Eve, my bed was covered in an assortment of colours, patterns and garments. Some on the small size, some 'OMFG what was I thinking' and many heading to the charity shop. Wardrobe detox done, one bin bag later, and with copious amounts of antibac wipes, the rails are colour coded and I feel I have so much more to wear. First goal hit, I am planning on updating again in the warmer months.

2. Get Fit - This has been on my to do list for ages. I just love food. Good and bad. I enjoy that roast beef, tomato soup, chocolate bourbon and carrot stick just a little too much. This is the year to crack down. We are planning a 2 week holiday in the hot sun in around 6 months time, so I am on it!  I have dreams of walking down that golden sand looking as close to a Victoria's Secret Angel as I possibly can.

3. Improve and Build Bean's Beauty Blog - I have already started. I hope you like my new design from the fantastic Pipdig. Monochrome, stylish and chic. Do you agree?  I have a snazzy new Topics tab at the top,  As well as writing about the usual beauty reviews/hauls etc, I have created a category for Budget Buys and New York. Hoping I can find you some bargains and along the way sharing my love of this great city.  I hope you enjoy reading as I continue to make improvements. My aim is to concentrate on my photographs. To be the best they can be and to publish interesting and different content. I have big plans, so watch this space.

4. Learn Something New - Whether it be a sport, cookery, first aid or take a photography or makeup 

5. Travel More - The explorer in me is quite adventurous and I love nothing more than jetting off to a strange country and mooching around historical buildings and trying local foods. In fact I am flying out on Wednesday, so expect some travel related posts along the way. And I can't tell you where, as it is a surprise present. #surpriseruined.

6. Go - Simple. If I am invited, I am going to go. From now on, work permitting if I am invited to any event - blogger, friends get together, pub lunch etc, I am going to go. Not make an excuse and spend the night on the sofa with my iPad. Do more.

7. Clean My Makeup Brushes - C'mon guys, this is sooo easy to do and I love being clean and tidy, so I am going to set my self the realistic target of cleaning them twice a month. 

And Changes to Bean's Beauty Blog

As you can see, I have had a re-vamp. It has taken me ages to get to this point, the monochrome design is just how I wanted Bean's Beauty Blog to always look.  I hope you like it too. If there is anything you would like to see on these pages, anything you would like reviewed or improvements I can make, please let me know either in the comments or tweet me @georgienyc32.

I am having a break from blogging. Well not a break as such as I have tonnes and tonnes of posts I want and need to write. Blogger's block has kicked in lately and have nothing to publish. Tonnes of posts set up with pictures and no writing. Handy hey? So I am going to write, type, write and type some more to have many posts set up ready to go, just as I had before. Panic has kicked in as I have no content to publish. Tonnes of ideas, but the writing is just not happening. 

So for the rest of  January, unfortunately I will not be publishing any new posts. However from February onwards I will be posting twice (definitely) a week. 

As I have mentioned already I have added 2 topics to my dropdown list, Budget Buys and New York. So keep an eye out for bargains and some Big Apple inspired posts.

I will still be posting on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for the rest of January. So please keep following and commenting. 

Bean's Beauty Blog will be back very soon......