Yves Rocher's Flower Party By Night, fragrance

First off, I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and managed to eat lots of good food and spend time with your loved ones. I, for one had a great time, aside from the stinking cold/cough/extreme lack of energy bug I had. Oh well, now I have had my quota of mince pies, mulled wine, Lemsips and roast dinners, it's time to look forward to the New Year.

And jeez, do I just have the most delicious scent to share with you all today?

Being an extremely loyal Jo Malone fan, it is not often that I spritz something else (other than Marc Jacobs' Honey). When Flower Party landed on my door mat, I must say I was a little sceptical. My first though was that this pretty, (similar idea to Marc Jacobs Daisy) flower themed bottle would stay unopened and unused until Jo Malone ran out.

Yves Rocher's Flower Party By Night, fragrance

I shouldn't have been such a Malone snob. I am impressed. And surprised.  This fragrance has been used pretty much every day since I decided to give it a chance.  And let me tell you, I have really enjoyed using it.

Floral, fresh, slightly on the spicy side. Yves Rocher claim this is addictive. It really is.  One spritz of this and I feel happy and sexy. It is slightly on the heavy side, so is perfect for those New Year's Eve parties and night time frolics. If you do not have the chance to pick this up before the New Year, it is certainly worth a spritz when you next pass the fragrance counter.

If you love Lancome Midnight Rose, this is a great alternative at half the price.