My Happiness Project

Given that we are now into a new, fresh month and it is now 1st November, I thought it was time to update you on my continuous Happiness Project.  Not so much to update you on the happiness front at the moment, however one of the things that was high on my list, was to sort my feet out. 

Terrible cracked heels, painful and unsightly. I had tried everything.  You name it I had tried it. 

Foot files, creams, balms, soaks, scrubs, exfoliators, pedi-express, pedicures, pumice stones, chiropodists, I had literally given up. However I have discovered something amazing! Thanks to Miss Makeup Magpie.  

A foot mask from Korea that literally dissolves the cracked and hard skin, so it just falls off. It is really incredible. I will post a full review at some point. I'm just amazed at how effective the mask is. My feet are soft and in the best condition that they have been in years. 

These masks have literally changed my life (and my feet)!

As well as discovering these masks (I have already stocked up on these), I am treating my feet to regular foot cream and sensible foot wear.  Hence why I have been a little spendy and purchased some Birkenstocks and Converse.   See here

Around £3.70 from Amazon.