Two weeks ago, my mates created chaos in my front room. 

Waiting for us on the table was a beautiful black and white striped hat box, I knew what was inside, but still couldn't wait to pull the beautifully tied ribbon apart to reveal the treats. 

A few weeks previously I was contacted to see if I would like to enjoy a Nola Night In with my girlfriends, by the lovely Rose.  Of course, I had to say yes.  

Promises of food, low calorie alcohol, candles, meringues and an iTunes voucher. It had all the makings of a great night in and the perfect opportunity for a catch up with the girls.

If you read my blog regularly from one post to the next you will probably know I am not a massive drinker. Sad but true. Yes, I appreciate a nice glass of red wine, a cold cider in the summer, however I am a massive tea drinker.  

Now for the wine drinkers out there, Nola is a range of delicious low calorie vodka spritz. 

Available in 2 fruity flavours, Raspberry & Elderflower and Watermelon & Strawberry. And for the health conscious, Nola contains fewer calories than a standard glass of Pinto Grigio. We all applaud in unison! 

The actual drink is extremely tasty. Refreshing, certainly geared towards the girls. I probably would not drink this so much in the winter. However once the warm weather arrives again, this would certainly hit the spot on BBQ day. Ideal served from the fridge. A perfect partner to accompany that hot-dog and salad. 

The perfect drink, for a much needed catch-up with the girls, all with less calories than Piniot! 

Thanks Nola for arranging this sample pack. 

Try me here for £5.99 
*PR Sample