Barry M Flawless Matte Finish Oil Free Foundation

First off the packaging of Barry M's Foundation reminds me of Hello Flawless by Benefit. A clear bottle, the pump goes up as the product is used. I always think this is a handy idea, so you know exactly how much is left. I have used this foundation twice now, once with a primer, and once without. I am a firm believer in giving something a fair trial, however this is just not for me.

Barry M claim this is 'super blendable'.  Using a primer this was literally impossible, it just blended away to nothing. The second time I tried this I used no primer to see if this would help, to no avail.

The actual foundation looks thick. I used a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to apply this, and to me this was the hardest foundation I have ever used to blend.  Seriously hard work. I would have thought it would have suited my dry skin type, as it is meant to be hydrating, but I just could not make this work for me, 

The coverage is surprising, I thought this would be much heavier and thicker given the consistency, however it was actually quite light, and any redness in my cheeks (which would normally be covered) was still showing.  This product is also quite strongly fragranced (similar to fake tan). 

After 3 minutes of blending (and more blending), not one cheek was blended out fully.  I like quick and easy, this is not it.  I didn't actually finish my whole face, too much like hard work and doesn't give me the coverage I require. The wipes and cleanser quickly came out to remove!

Really sorry Barry M, as I normally love your products, but this was a big disappointment. 

Barry M Flawless Matte Finish Oil Free Foundation

Is it just me? Has anyone else tried and loved this, or is it a fail?

P.S.  - Mum's Birthday today, so if you're reading this Mum, Happy Birthday!