Thanks so much to the lovely Millie for tagging me! I had been thinking of doing this tag anyway, so you get to know more about me, but I was struggling to think of 50 things. Well, I started writing and I couldn't stop thinking, so here are the first 50 things that came to mind. I tag everyone, please let me know if you do this tag and leave your blog address in the comments as I would love to read them.

1.    I love Formula 1 GP (and any motor racing).
2.    I drive a VW Golf GT.
3.    I am from a farming family and
4.    Live in the country.
5.    I lived in Oklahoma, USA when I was 18 (for 1 year) & graduated from school with a diploma.
6.    I hate cucumber.
7.    I hate celery.
8.    I love travelling.
9.    I have swum with dolphins in the wild in Australia and in captivity in Mexico.
10.  Growing up I wanted to be a Vet.
11.  Love animals more than people (generally).
12.  I am crap at maths.
13.  I am a real neat freak.
14.  I love organising.
15.  My favourite city in the world is New York.
16.  The most important thing to me are family and friends. 
17.  I am insecure.
18.  I would love to go to Rio de Janeiro and to the carnival.
19.  I have never tried Marmite.
20.  I hate scary films.
21.  I love thrillers, romcoms, documentaries, war films, true stories and action.
22.  I love Homeland and The Walking Dead.
23.  I passed my driving test first time.
24.  I look just like my Dad. Not my mum though.
25.  I don't really like coffee or..
26.  Alcohol. Apart from a cider in the Summer. Or a glass of red wine now and then.
27.  I don't smoke.
27.  Have no tattoos.
28.  I have been in a hot air balloon.
29.  And a helicopter.
30.  It took me 6 months to start this blog.
31.  I love horse riding.
32.  I started riding when I was 2, didn't stop until I was around 17.
33.  I used to bite my nails.  I stopped about 10 years ago.
34.  I want to walk the Inca Trail in Peru.
35.  I was a vegetarian for around 5 years. 
36.  In case you didn't know I have a cat called Tom.
37.  I have been with my partner Tony, for over 9 years.
38.  I love X Factor, Great British Bake Off, The Apprentice and TOWIE.
39.  My first and only crush was Paul Walker (RIP). Very sad.
40.  I love the colour blue.
41.  Hate snakes.
42.  Have problematic feet. 
42.  Love cleaning and tidying my house. Very house proud.
43.  I burn in the sun VERY easily. 
44.  My wardrobe is colour co-ordinated.
45.  I love flowers, especially Gerberas.
46.  I prefer wellies to heels.
47.  I am never cold.
48.  My favourite nail polish on me is a French Manicure.
49.  I would love to blog for a living.
50.  All I want is for my family to be happy and healthy.

That is me in a nutshell. Just a country girl, who loves a slick of lip gloss and enjoys writing a blog.