Models Own Corrector Pen - Nails

I wish I painted my nails more. Let's be honest sometimes it's a right faff to apply a base coat, 2 coats and a top coat and to let it all dry.  All this with no smudges, overloading that teeny-tiny brush or flooding your cuticles. If I do say so myself, I have mastered a flawless complexion, I can style my hair when needed, however when it comes to nails, well like achieving that perfect cat flick, I'm just not very good.

When I saw Models Own had released an Erase Corrector Pen I thought I would give it a go. After all this may be the answer to my 'nail-mistake' prayers.

In a handy pen, you get 3 nibs, the one in the pen and two replacements. I honestly thought this would be a bit of a fad when I bought this, after all it is just like cotton wool buds soaked in nail polish remover right? No, this handy little wand, is brilliant. 

I have painted my nails a few times lately, and they look much more polished and put together after I have used this. It is so quick and easy to use, without the need of having a bottle of nail varnish remover and cotton wool buds/q-tips/cotton wool.

It gets the job done, is efficient and clears up all the errors. Perfect for on-the-go. Perfect for travelling/if you are going on holiday. One less heavy bottle in you suitcase (more room for shoes!).  And with 2 replacement nibs I think this will last quite a long time. 

This has now become a firm favourite in my less-than impressive nail kit.  I am going to continue my quest for perfectly painted nails and this erase pen will certainly help me do that. 

Models Own Corrector Pen - Nails

Buy me from Superdrug for £5.00.