My Happiness Project Update
It seems a while since I posted the first installment of my Happiness Project and I'm back now with my first update.

Let's kick this off with my Slimming World journey. This is not going too bad, one month in and I've lost nearly a stone. I think I'm going to ramp up the diet a bit more now and become stricter. I lapse certainly when I have lost some weight. I don't know about you, but I always think to myself no harm in that Cadbury's/cake/roast potatoes/macaroni cheese as I've lost X amount of pounds. But I must be strict, build up the momentum and get to where I want to be.  Still I dread the scales every week, any reduction puts a smile on my face. A gain, I probably sigh quite heavily and feel like munching chocolate. Damn you Cadbury's, you are a curse!  Still, I keep thinking of that beach and bikini next Summer.

Moving on to matters of the eye.  Eyeliner. I mentioned this many moons ago, but it is something I still want to conquer. Envious of those girls, who can quickly sweep a black feline flick over their lid with no effort. I am determined to practice until I have the most enviable flicks on the block. Armed with the 'fool proof' Benefit They're Real eyeliner (and the remover too) I will look glamorous every day and will have mastered by Christmas! One can wish.

Aqua Aerobics is still going strong. Splashing around on a Tuesday night. However knackered I feel after a busy day at work, this makes me feel alive and full of beans. I feel like every time I go fitness definitely improves.

Everything at home is fairly clutter free. I am naturally a very tidy person. A real neat freak. I am forever organising, labelling and sorting.  I really wanted to organise my blog more. I have note pads galore, all shapes and sizes. But I wanted something I can schedule in and make lists.  This is where Personal Planner came in.  I have a fairly regular schedule now, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays and bonus posts now and then, I just wanted to be able to schedule easier on paper. Make a real plan.  My personal planner has been ordered, yet to be delivered. I will let you know what I think, once this has been delivered to my door. I cannot wait to fill it all in (so sad).

I have not been too spendy either lately. Yes, I have been to Boots and did buy a few essentials and a couple non-essentials. All in all it has been a pretty thrifty month. Yay! 

On a separate note, I am still working on my blog. There are still things I want to change and alter, however as you other bloggers know, this is on-going.

My feet are in for a treat as well. Through Miss Makeup Magpie, I have discovered a foot pack which is meant to be miraculous, all for the sum of around £3.00. So I had to order, I will let you know how this goes. 

Have a great Sunday.