Beans Beauty Blog Happiness Project

I wasn't planning on posting today, however it is a Bank Holiday in the UK, everyone should feel happy. Lots of people (if they are lucky) are off work.  This post is happiness themed so it's kind of fitting to post today.

Inspired by Gretchen Rubin I decided to put together my own Happiness Project.  After reading her book (which by the way is amazing) titled The Happiness Project, I could not wait to start. I have been thinking for a long time what I wish to change in my life, yes I am a happy person generally, however lately I have been feeling a little down as I have packed on the pounds (I just love food and also have a fairly sedentary job which does not help).  I think many people struggle with weight gain, however I want to do something about it right NOW. So naturally wanting to be slimmer, my journey begins with:

1 - Slimming World
I have tried Weight Watchers in the past. Lost 3 1/2 stone. Felt great. I stayed at the same weight for ages and felt deflated. Instead of trying to switch it up, changing what I was eating and discovering a different form of exercise ( I was then at the gym), I gave up. Felt low and ate the wrong foods and my weight increased yet again! I have now fell in love with Slimming World's programme. Weight watchers hate carbs. It is known you must avoid bread, potatoes, rice and pasta. Slimming World love them. These are the main foods I enjoy with meat and veggies.  Pasta, rice and potatoes are all free so you can eat as much as you want and technically still loose weight.  Perfect for me as: 
1 . Pasta is my favourite food (you just have to be careful of the sauce you add).
2 . My Dad farms potatoes. Ideal!

So far this plan seems to be working.

2 - My Discovery of Aqua Aerobics
So I needed to incorporate some form of exercise. My friend Jess, highly recommended Aqua Aerobics. Fun, high energy, great music and gentle on the joints. Plus you burn calories, laugh with your mates and leave the pool pounds lighter. I am really enjoying this. It is great fun and doesnt feel like exercise at all.  To be honest I just laugh constantly and I am on my way to that bikini body! Tuesday nights, you can currently find me splashing about, creating waves and giggling like a teenager.

3  - Clear the Clutter
I plan to have a massive clear out and organising session. Not just beauty products, but clothes as well. I am feeling a bit like a new woman at the moment. Already I am feeling happier with life, just through shedding some pounds.  I have decided to clear out all the old makeup.  To not hang onto that YSL Mascara, as the packaging is lovely, but it dried up 6 months ago.  Use up lots of older things, write reviews and then send to the bin.  This leads me onto my saving plan.

4  - Do not be Spendy
Let's face it as girls and especially Beauty Bloggers, we seem to have more makeup and skincare than we can ever use up. This is my plan; I am still allowed a certain amount of money each month for my blog and  products I really want to try. However I am not going to buy the latest release just to try it, if I don't think I will use again or that it wont suit me.  Also I am making myself use up at least 5 products, before I can buy another. 5 out, 1 in, should reduce the amount of products I have. Plus this should give me more to review.
Oooh and I must use up samples, I have tonnes!

5 - Take Better Care of my Feet
I have cracked heels, they get sore. Sometimes they are neglected. I pledge to take care and moisturise them daily. I live in sandals.  They need a little more protection and to not be exposed to the elements so much.  So I plan to get those boots out as the Autumn hits and have regular pedicures. They will be in fine form in no time.

6 - Continue Working on my Blog
Make it the absolute best it can be. Period!

This is just the start of my personal Happiness Project. I will most certainly add things as I go. If I have any updates I will let you all know.

If you guys are working on anything at the moment, or have any personal journeys I would love to hear from you.