mac prep and prime bright forecast
mac prep and prime bright forecast

After seeing the lovely Tanya Burr use this corrector on many occasions, I thought I would give MAC's 'Bright Forecast' a go. I mean the name sells it to me to start off with. I think of sunnier times, great weather and picnics. Anyway where were we? I'm getting off track.

Prep + Prime comes in a handy pen-like tube, where you have to click, click, click to get the product going. And then you have to click some more. It took ages for the product to start to flow and when it did it was quite a bright peach colour. But this colour corrector is something else.

First off the colour is great, perfect to disguise darker areas around the eyes. I personally do not think this is a highlighter by any means (it is marketed as this), but a great corrector/concealer of problem and dark areas. Beautiful to apply and easy to blend.  The lasting power is great, around 6 hours and the coverage is pretty great too.

I am pretty impressed with Bright Forecast, there was no creasing, if anything the product just faded. It didn't cling to any dry areas, and only seemed to crease very slightly in the corner of my outer eye.

This is one product I have been using daily and one of the better ones I have discovered lately.

Buy me from MAC for £18.50