Yes, there is an actual Cat Tag going around, so naturally I thought this one is for me and I must do!  
I have cut out a couple of questions as they are not really relevant.  I tag everyone who owns a cat.

1.  Breed or stray?
My favourite cats have to be domestic, short-haired moggies. I'm not really into breeds as such, I just love a handsome, big cat, with lovely markings. The cat above is beautiful. He is a local boy called Burt and he is like a teddy bear. I don't know if he is a breed, or just a lovely cat. Let me know if anyone knows.
2.  Regardless of your previous answer, what would your favourite breed be?
Maine Coon cats are beautiful.  I know they have long flowing locks, however some of them look just like small lions and tigers. 

3. Any Cat themed clothes or accessories?
I have a very gaudy cat Christmas Jumper - oh dear. I'm glad it only sees the light of day maybe once a year! More recently I acquired some tasteful, lovely gold, flat cat earrings. They are handmade locally, just lovely and hold a special meaning to me. Catseye sent me a lovely wash bag and cat coin purse (which is currently empty). 

4. Whats your kitty's name?
Tom.  He is the inspiration behind my blog design.

5. Favourite Toy?
He is not really into toys, he has no interest. He will chase a stick or leaves in garden. But that is as far as he will go. 

6.Whats your kitty's favourite food?
 He's not fussy, he will eat everything. Whiskas or Felix. He does seem to prefer Beef and Chicken though to Fish and is partial to milk now and then. I know you are not meant to give cats milk, however we will buy him the special cat milk as a treat. He is obsessed with Whiskas Chicken and Cheese nibbles. And he loves IAM's.

7. Lazy or Fierce Hunter?
Tom is a scaredy cat, literally. We have another kitty cat who is a keen hunter and often deposits a vole, shrew, mouse or pigeon on the doorstep.  A few months ago she burst through the cat flap with a mouse, dropped it and it tore around our utility room in a state of panic. Tom being the wimp he is, was sitting in his bed (a cardboard box and blanket at the time) and just watched the mouse circle his bed, and then he, himself ran off, scared. Daft cat! He has since caught a couple of mice and a rabbit. However he loves sleeping more than any cat I know. He sits on the boiler outside, which gets lovely and warm, peering down the garden patrolling his borders. He is obsessed that no neighbouring cats enter his patch.

8. Favourite Activity?
Sleeping and having his tummy rubbed. He is practically a dog, wearing a cat suit! He loves cuddles and is now known as 'Cuddle Cat'.

9. Does you cat have any strange habits?
Tom's front legs do not appear to be attached to the back ones. When he runs, his front legs go straight and the back go off towards the side. We've nicknamed him Wonky.

Let's celebrate our beautiful cats.  Maybe we should start a scheduled chat on Twitter - #catchat?