Boots Haul

It wasn't planned. I popped in for a toothbrush and my will-power died! I do not seem to be able to go into Boots without buying things to try. I wasn't planning on spending over a fiver, however my basket seemed to fill up a little and I ended up with a few new products to add to my collection. On another level how do you all feel about an upcoming Blog Sale?

Boots Haul

I am, let's face it useless in Boots. Or any Beauty Hall, come to think of it.

On a more positive note I am doing Slimming World at the moment. It seems to be going quite well and it's still early days. however I want to shift some weight before we go on holiday next year. I am so determined to look like a Victoria's Secret Angel running down the beach. I am either dreaming, deluded or both - hahaha, we can all wish, hey? NO, seriously I am determined to look my absolute best in that bikini.

I will now get to the point. So, because of my ongoing lifestyle changes, the good old Debit card is remaining firmly in my purse, and new clothes are off limits. So I am kind of saving money there. See there is some logic to it. Save on clothes, splurge on products to look after yourself. That's the idea anyway.

Boots Haul

Let me give you a quick run down, after the endless drivel, of what I did actually get my hands on.

Micellar water.  Once I realised Soap and Glory had released their own version, Drama Clean, I could not wait to try this and it was on offer too, for around £5 I think. I was coming to the end of a Botanics one, so thought this could be my replacement.

Lily Pebbles has shown her love for S and G's Sunshield Superfluid for ages.  A vitamin packed face cream with SPF50. We all want to protect our skin, and being fair, I am excited to try this as an every day light-weight moisturiser.

17's Falsifeye has quite literally caught my eye the last few times I have been in Boots, feeling spendy this came home with me too. With the promise of massive lashes I was hooked.

Rimmel also had their new Wonder'full Mascara (with Argan oil) on the racks. If this is as good as I think it will be, I am hoping to give this a rave review. And loving Argan oil, I am hoping this will be great for my lashes.

Also new was Rimmel's Brow Drama. Having fair eyebrows, I am a big fan of brow products and gels. I have already tried this and written a review. I am saying no more.  Come back soon to see whether you should avoid or invest.

Yes to Grapefruit's Wipes intrigue me. I do buy wipes, only to clean up excess foundation left on my hand, or to remove the majority of makeup before a proper cleanse, however these wipes did look pretty good, promising to correct and repair. They also smell amazing.
Remember though girls, wipes are no substitution for a full skin care routine!

Boots Haul

Lastly to end up in my basket (which was on my recent Wishlist), Maybelline's New Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur. I love a good primer. I have already tried this a few times and must say I am really impressed. Full review will be up soon.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my most recent purchases. Leave a comment if you have tried any of these. What do you think?

OOOh and for the slimmers out there, you can do it. If you have any great food tips, I would love to hear from you.

Until next time.....