6 Useful Blogging Hacks.

Bloggers, notebooks at the ready.

After my previous Blog Tip post went down so well, I have decided to do a few more. This post is really just continuing from the previous one. Hope you find this handy to continue with your blogging journey. Yes, it is another bonus post, however I thought some of you may be blogging this Sunday.

1. Registering &installing your own domain head to Eesha's Glam for more advice.
I would have had no idea of where to begin. This guide I swear by and have recommended to many. The advice and step by step instructions are spot on and easy to follow. This took around 20 minutes to install, so if you are thinking of having your own domain, please check out this site.

2. Leaving comments on another blogger's fabulous blog and want to leave your blog address?
Copy the below code and insert your Blog name and web address where highlighted.  Then just copy and paste to their blog, after you have left your comment. It looks so professional. Easy.

<a href="http://beansbeautyblog.blogspot.co.uk/"><b>  Bean's Beauty Blog  </b></a> 

3. Do not slate a product if you do not like it.
Give constructive criticism, say something like 'personally it is not for me' or 'this does not suit my skin type'. Yes, be honest, however be diplomatic.

4. Change your Profile regularly on Beauty Box Subscriptions. 
Then you will receive a variety of different products, and not continually the same.

5. Advertise on Fellow Bloggers Websites.
For a small fee you can advertise on established blogs each month to gain publicity.
My favourites are:

6. Reply to comments others leave on your Blog/Twitter.
Sound daft? Not really, I read tonnes and tonnes of amateur blogs, and many bloggers do not reply to their readers comments. I know it is not always possible.  However if someone has taken the time to write something or let you know they enjoyed the post, return the favour and reply. The same goes with Twitter. Received a lovely tweet from a reader, reply to them, Common courtesy.

More to come soon, stay tuned.  Please let me know if you have any tips of your own, leaving a comment below.