It's been a long time coming. My Makeup Collection (even now I am still working on it).

Armed with some new MUJI drawers, I separated all of my makeup into piles; keep, sell and throw. Quite astonishingly, I had quite alot of stuff to sell. Some out of date products ended up in the bin. Then I put all foundations together, all mascaras, all palettes, lip-gloss etc - you get the gist.

At this point in time my bed looked a complete mess, like a clearance shop! There was that much stuff.

I have condensed it down by over half and it's so much better. I have a fairly modest collection, however I am now very organised. I know where products are and I am experimenting with so many more things. 

The girls at work love everything blog related, and we have a lot of fun 'setting-up shop' (just a blog sale at work with no hefty postage charges).  They go away with some bargains and I have money to put back into my blog fund.  I add loose change, maybe the odd £10 note to this, and then when I want something I can buy from here.  Then I repeat the process all over again in a few months time.

Without further ado, here are the pictures you may want to see. Please note I am still working on this, but am fairly happy with this for now. 

Let me know if you have any good storage ideas.  Still wanting to maximise limited storage space. I just wish I had room for an IKEA Alix, but unfortunately I don't.

(Please note I had to take these pictures on my iPhone and not my usual camera, so I am sorry if they are not quite as sharp as normal).