There's no better way to brighten up the face than to wear a lovely lipstick, be it bold or neutral. I'm a neutral girl through and through. 

I'm very into flawless foundation, dewy skin and natural eyes. Normally it's just a slick of mascara and a glossy lip. If I'm feeling brave, have time or are in an experimental mood, I will try a smoky eye, using bronze, greys and earthy tones. Maybe even some eyeliner if I'm pushing the boat out. If I do want a change I will switch things up a little and use a different lipstick, these 3 are currently my top picks.

Starting off with 'Notting Hill Nude' from Rimmel (left), a beautiful creamy lipstick. Obviously nude in a brownish/pink tone. It's lovely to apply, lasts a while and lips look bee-stung, perfect if you wish to emulate the 'Bardot' look. 

Equally lovely, also from Rimmel - from a completely different colour spectrum - 'In Love with Ginger' (right). A beautiful orangey/red/coral, lovely lipstick, perfect for this time of year. If I use this lipstick, I would use lashings of mascara and let the lips literally do the talking!

As much as I love these 2 lipsticks from Rimmel, my absolute favourite is Creme Brulee Lip Butter from Revlon (middle).  I absolutely love Revlon's lip butters, they are so hydrating, the range of colours is lovely, they look pretty on the lips and this colour for me is the ideal nude. Much lighter than 'Notting Hill Nude' and much more sheer.

I will be using these lipsticks, all through the summer, depending on the look I wish to achieve. Each one is a really great budget friendly find. A big thumbs up from me.