So, my blog has had a complete change. I thought I would let you know where the cat inspiration has come from, and that I'm not some crazy cat lady (well maybe a little). 

I'm sure some people will read this and think why ever is she going on about a bloody cat. Hopefully some will love it!   This story is about Tom. Let's forget about mascara, candles and lip-gloss for now. This is about my true friend.

Poor old Tom was a stray and in desperate need of a loving home. We already own another cat, so there was always a plentiful supply of Whiskas.  Over a period of 6 months, maybe longer he used to come through the cat flap at night, when he knew we wouldn't see him and he would steal food and then make himself comfortable in a free bed for the night, in our utility room.  Whenever he saw us first thing in the morning through the kitchen window, he would dash off, and slide away under the next door neighbours gate.  After 6 months of trying to stroke him he finally let me one day without running away. From then we have become inseparable. You see Tom is not just an ordinary cat, he is more like a dog.  If I could take him to the beach for a long walk I would. He acts just like a dog, always waiting to see you when you get home, rolling over to have his tummy stroked. And my God he does talk, he is very noisy!

Over time he has really blossomed.  He is no longer straggly, gaunt or neglected but now a very loyal, well rounded, handsome cat.

He follows my partner and I every where, and talks to us constantly. Whether you are cooking the tea, in the garden, having a bath or watching TV, he is always there staring with his big eyes.  He is just a one in a million. He looks like is always smiling (due to the markings under his chin), he seems so grateful we have taken him in and when he sits with you he always puts his paws on you to make sure you are still there.  If the rumours are true that someone just left him when they upped-sticks, well I'm so grateful, otherwise I would never have met my dear friend. 

This is for all the cat lovers out there.