Summer is upon us - at least we hope. 

It's currently Saturday afternoon. The sun is shining, and the BBQ is being lit as we speak.  Corn on the cob and sausages in lovely bread with relish and onions. A cider in the other hand - perfect.
Surfing the internet I was inspired to create a look using a simple black maxi dress. I bet many of us have one of these in our wardrobes, if not head off to New Look, where you can pick up this simple dress for only £12.99.

The beauty of this dress, is that it is so versatile. Dressed up or down, paired with as many or as few accessories as you wish, it will still look great.  For this look I decided upon a glam statement necklace, as I was aiming for a metallic/luxe look.  Teamed with a light denim jacket, if it does get a little colder, this would make the look more casual.  Now of course you have to have painted nails, so I think this sea-green colour complements the metallic look and the colour of the jacket perfectly.  Come on girls you have no excuse now not to look fabulous at your BBQ.  

Let me know how you would style a black dress. 

What accessories would you use?