Lately I have tried a wide range of new products, skin-care, hair-care and of course makeup. Some great, some very disappointing and some just so, so.  It's very rare when something blows me away, especially when it's a budget buy.  However I've had a magical moment. This morning a certain pinkish/beige tube manufactured by Rimmel has caused quite a stir in my household.  Labelled as 'Skin Perfecting Super Makeup', I couldn't agree more.  

This is the best BB Cream I have tried in a long while.  Packed with SPF15 and 9 claims of achieving perfect skin, this is a wonder product.  Only a very small pea-sized amount is needed to cover the whole face.  The first thing I noticed is it's incredibly creamy, which makes it really easy to blend, creating a smooth, flawless finish, no effort is required at all.  If you use fingertips, a sponge or brush, you still achieve the same results.  The shade is spot on, I opted for light and it suits my fair skin perfectly.

Rimmel BB Cream

My skin looked better than normal, redness reduced, pores minimised,  it was actually flawless. The product lasted on my skin all day, didn't move or slip or slide. Skin feels smooth, hydrated and glows. As the packaging claims this also mattifies the skin, controls shines, soothes, and conceals dark circles. It helps prevent blemishes and gives all day coverage.

Claiming that a product does all this is a massive deal. However this product delivers on all levels, a truly terrific product, my skin looked great all day - and that was nearly 13 hours before I took it off!

£6.99 from Boots