Korres 'Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial'
Always on the look out for new and fresh skin care, I was soooo happy to track down this 'Sleeping Facial' from Korres.
I would describe this as a tube, full of yoghurty goodness, which soothes and hydrates the skin! If you dislike the consistency or smell of any yoghurt I would stay clear of this product, as it does resemble yoghurt strongly (the consistency is not quite as thick). The yoghurt soothes and nourishes stressed out skin. This is non-sticky, non-greasy, just creamy and lovely. My skin appeared so soft by morning and I was actually amazed at how great the results were. This product contains no parabens or sulfates either.  The directions recommend to apply a thin layer after cleansing and to leave on overnight to work its magic.

This tube was part of a trial kit from Sephora, so was a sample tube. However I like the colours and classy feel to the product.  It is simple yet effective, if you do manage to purchase the full-size (as only available from Sephora as far as I can tell), it comes in a lovely glass pot.  It looks expensive and luxe.

After having a bath at night and getting tucked into bed, with fresh, clean skin this is my new luxury treat mid -week.  I actually love the smell, it smells fresh and clean and of yoghurt funnily enough. It's not too thick, just like rubbing in a lotion to your face.  A little goes along way, my skin absolutely loves this.  It is so gentle and provides intense moisturisation, no strong, nasty fragrances either. Perfect for dry skin or skin in need of some TLC.

Since it has made such a difference to my skin (I have not changed anything else in my routine), most definately, I will order a full-size in the future.  This is not available in the UK, however as Sephora now ship to the UK, you can pick me up from here, for $45.

If you don't feel the need to order from the States, Superdrug also do a Yoghurt Smoothie mask, which is incredible, a great cheap alternative, which smells similar and is of the same consistency, just in packet form (for 99p each).