Benefit gimme BROW

Since buying Benefit's Gimme Brow (light/medium), which has been on my wish list quite sometime now, MAC Brow Set has been made redundant.

I am absolutely loving this product and have used this every single day, since I bought it.  Even if I don't wear a full face of makeup but apply foundation, bronzer and lip balm (no mascara/eyeliner etc), this still makes you look polished, if your skin is flawless and eyebrows well groomed. 

Benefit gimme BROW

It is the easiest product in the world to apply. The brush is tiny, but it is perfect to sweep through the brows, as it coats all the hairs with a hint of colour and the fibres in the gel make your eyebrows more defined, fuller and they are set in place all day.  It feels a little hard and cakey until it dries and then this disappears.  Also I found this quite buildable so if you wanted your lashes to look more 'Lily Collins Esque' then you can apply a second coat. 

Image Courtesey of Benefit
( I have used this stock photo to highlight how small the brush is and also the 2 colours)

Benefit gimme BROW

This is a fantastic find and certainly worth the talk. I much prefer this to MAC Brow Set and will continue to repurchase. My eyebrows look defined, natural, polished, it lasts all day and is water resistant. A.Mazing!

I'm officially obsessed with this.

Available in 2 colours (light/medium and medium/deep) for £17.50 from Boots