I headed off to town yesterday to pick up a few bits and bobs, I know everyone loves a haul, so here's what I got. I wasn't really intending stopping off at Primark, however I couldn't help but have a quick peek. I bought these face masks. I love Montagne Jeunesse's line and am often picking them up, so when I spotted this Lemon Sherbet Masque, I had to have it.

Primark also do this Egg Makeup Sponge, to me if this was in Beauty Blender packaging, I would not tell the difference. This was only a £1.   Expect a full review soon, to see if we all need to stock up on Primark's take and ditch the Blender (I am somewhat sceptical, but at £1, it's worth a shot).

In Boots I stocked up on some more of my beloved La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo, it is just incredible. A review is coming very soon. Essie's Mint Candy Apple is always talked about on You Tube, so while I was there I thought I may as well pick up and Miss Makeup Magpie recommended Soap & Glory's One Heck of a Blot. I bought this with my points - so technically it was free! I will be reviewing this soon also.
I wasn't going to buy any clothes, however I saw this fluro slouchy jumper and this blue and cream elephant print vest, which I thought would be ideal for Spring/Summer, teamed with jeans or a skirt, the possibility are endless. If you sort out the decent jewellery from the not such great stuff, you can pick up similar pieces to what they are selling in Accessorize for a third of the price. These necklaces were super cheap and I'm looking forward to teaming them with tops for different looks.

I promised you all an up date on Nip + Fab's Bee Sting Eye Cream. Well this will be passed on to someone else, after a few more days of use, my sensitive/easily irritated eyes were streaming and itchy, the skin under my eye felt more hydrated, but it was too much for my peepers. Find my first impression/review here.