Not one really to touch on nails that much, I thought I would do something a little different.  Yes, I show off lovely polishes, provide swatches and recommendations. However my nails are not great. Once a nail biter, my nails (even though I have not bitten them since my teenage years) suffered. 

They are still brittle and flake and break at the drop of a hat.  I am still eating a square of jelly a day to try to make them stronger (not sure if this is an 'Old Wives' tale, if if actually works or is just an excuse to eat jelly). And regularly coat them in the amazing RenuNail, dreaming of the day I have amazing talons.  

Completely getting off track. One of the girls at work (Becca), always has beautifully painted nails and is very keen on nail art.  She is very creative, always making designs, be it floral, animal print or festive. 

Inspired by her artistic flair, I wanted to share these pictures with you, to see if I can inspire you too. Amazing how just by changing your nail colour/nail design, how your nails can change the look of a simple black dress.

How about wearing a snazzy top, statement necklace and some nude nails?  Let the top do the talking and finish off your tips with classic colours. I love, love, love this Barry M Nail Pain in Dragon.

Feeling a little wild? If your outfit consists of animal print, why not try contrasting colours, maybe even gold/silver with glitter.  The metallics would complement perfectly. Alternatively you could try white, great against a tan.  From as little as £3.99, a new polish can transform your outfit.

Hopefully this post has inspired you all to have cracking nails for the Summer.