Soap & Glory Rich & Foamous

You may have read my recent review on Soap & Glory's Orangeasm, well I did fact run out (that was a sad day).  So will definitely be re-stocking as soon as I'm next in Boots, however this little beauty was next in line to be used up so loving S & G, I thought I would add this to the ever-increasing products in my shower.

Soap & Glory Rich & Foamous

Packaged again beautifully, I couldn't wait to see how this compares to my beloved 'Orangeasm'. Now I love this, I mean it was inevitable I would do, but it just doesn't fill me quite with the same joy/happiness/delight/ as Orangeasm does.  It foams beautifully, more so than its counterpart. (Maybe the clue is in the name of the product 'Rich & Foamous haha).

Leaving all comparrisons aside, this is a great body wash.  I used a normal amount of pumps, and was in a bubble heaven, this smells incredible, think maple syrup on pancakes, definately a sweet, delicious breakfast smell.  Maybe even like sweet popcorn, however it's not overpowering. Packed with almond, honey milk and oat extract, my skin felt supple and smooth, really hydrated. As I get dry skin this is perfect as it's soooo creamy and doesn't dry the skin out at all.  A great multi-purpose product, as you could wallow in this as well, in the bath-tub.

S & G, you have done it again, yet another incredible product.  When I re-stock up on Orange I will add this to the basket as well. 

Find me at Boots, £6.50 for a generous 500ml