After reading my previous post, which I hope you have all read, my skin is now squeaky clean.  The products in this post, are in addition to the ones I used in my previous one, just not every day.

To polish my face, I absolutely love The Body Shop's Honey & Oat 3-In-1 Scrub Mask.
It does a great job, it cleanses the skin (the honey), polishes and hydrates as well.  The oat grains are very fine. It smells of porridge laced with honey, literally I could eat this! It leaves skin so soft, and is very gentle. A must have. The Body Shop advise to use this weekly. £10 for 100ml

Kiehl's Skin Rescuer is another firm favourite at the moment.  I previously wrote a post about this and thought it was OK , but much preferred Boot's Botanics version.  However now I have been using this non stop over the past few weeks and am a bit more blog savvy, I have had a complete change of heart. This product is literally like sleep in a bottle. It has so many skin benefit's Kiehl's could not fit them all on the front of the bottle, they disappear off to the side!

It helps with skin fatigue, redness, stressed skin, flare-ups, protects the skin and provides instant comfort for a healthy, well- balanced complexion. I love this, I don't use every day, about 2-3 times a week mainly at nightime.  Sometimes under foundation, if my skin needs perking up. £29.50 for 75ml from Kiehl's.

If you have read many of my posts, you will know that I do have extremely sensitive eyes, which I find sometimes to be a complete pain, as often I will go for days without mascara, which to be honest, as I'm so fair makes me look half asleep if I don't apply. So I have the same problem with eye cream as well.  I need something extremely hydrating which will not aggravate the eye area, and stays put.  I have found some eye creams move around a bit and thus irritate the old peepers. However Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado is a whole different ballgame.  Without a doubt this is the best eye cream I have ever used.
And I have tried an awful lot - from Bobbi Brown to Botanics.  This is just in a different league. You need the tiniest amount, it is very creamy, and doesn't shift, as it states on the pot 'it does not migrate into the eyes! Yay!
It smells fresh, is the colour of avocado's, it is easy to blend into the skin and moisturises under the eyes brilliantly. Holy Grail - Yes it most definitely is!  £20 for 14ml from Kiehl's.

Let's not forget the lips, the all-time, luxury lip balm I adore is Christian Dior Crème De Rose.  It is delicately fragranced with rose - as the same suggests- it is extremely hydrating, plumping and smoothing as well.  This small pot - has lasted me since my Birthday last year and I use at least once a day.  Expensive yes - however it works, lasts ages and is really lovely. £20.00 from Boots. I will be repurchasing this, when it's back in stock.

 If you wish for something a little heavier than Dior's balm, then The Body Shop's Aloe Lip Care is a great one to try. It's much thicker in consistency, almost feels heavy duty. It reminds me so much of Lanolips.  The balm soaks right in, leaving your lips smooth, hydrated and soft. The Aloe is really soothing and the balm is alcohol and fragrance free. At £5 this is a real steal.

Last but no means least on my hunt for the perfect routine is the handy 'Drink Up Intensive Mask' from Origins.   I have been using Sisley Flower Express Mask, however this is sooooo expensive, so have found a great alternative overnight mask from Origins, which is reasonably priced.
I would use this a couple of times a week, once I have tucked myself up in bed, I slap this on, even over my lips. For parched skin, it is literally a drink in a bottle. It replenishes the skin, containing Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil, Mango Butter and Japanese Seaweed.  This is an intense mask, smells amazing and the next day my skin appears revived and smoother.  Highly recommended.  £22 for 100 ml from John Lewis

Let me know if anyone has tried any of these products, over the last 2 posts, or if you have any recommendations.  I am now trying La Roche Posay's Effaclar Duo +, so I will let you know if this is worth the hype soon.