If you're like me, once you've had a shower/bath and want to moisturise and go as it were, then you will love this. 

I'm normally most definitely a Body Butter girl, but as the weather is getting warmer, and we are entering BBQ and ice-cream season, this is a great product when you want something much less heavy. Cheap, effective, packed with goodness and dries within seconds (so you can put your clothes straight on), what more could you want?

This spray leaves skin super-soft and hydrated.  The clever spray nozzle dispenses evenly all over in a continuous spray. It's easy to apply and because of the spraying motion you can even reach your back. Bonus!  How hard is it to moisturise your own back? Legs and arms, even tummy get alot of care and my poor back, is often forgotten.  Not any more thanks to this handy spray.  I find even if you can't reach to rub in, it soaks in anyway. For the fake tanners out there, this would provide a perfect base for your tan, as it's so lightweight.

Vaseline have created a really innovative product here. At just £3.99 and available in Aloe Fresh (shown),  Essential Moisture and Cocoa Radiant, a beauty bargain, that really works.

All moisturisers are lightly scented and fresh.

A perfect product for Summer.  Find me here

What do you think, anyone else love these?