Maybelline Fit Me! Anti-Shine Stick

Being a big fan of liquid foundations, I was excited when Maybelline released their Fit Me! Anti Shine Stick.  I have nearly always used liquid foundation and occasionally mineral make up, as find it suits my dry skin.  It's easy to blend and there are so many formulas on the market now, which have hydrating properties. This little baby came on the market at only £8.99 available from Boots, so I thought I would go out of my comfort zone and give this a go.  After all it could be an amazing new discovery and change my life right? I picked up the shade '115 Ivory'.

Well I'm sorry to say I have used this only twice, to give it a fair shot and this is not for me.  First of all the tube it comes in is quite handy and great for touch ups on the go, however it could be classed as unsanitary especially if you do suffer from breakouts and you keep applying the stick directly onto your skin. The actual product itself is not as creamy as I thought it would be.  Having already quite dry skin, this seemed to dry it out even more, it literally clung to any dry areas, the coverage was poor and my complexion looked dull and flat.  I could have persevered with this if the coverage was good, however it was just patchy and made my already dry patches look ten times worse.
Safe to say I will not be using this again, and I'm a little bit disappointed. I will definitely be sticking with my liquid foundations or mineral makeup. 

Have you found the same as me if you have dry skin? I would love to know.