Nip + Fab - Bee Sting Fix Eye
I have problems with my eyes!

Sensitive, watery, sore, irritable, itchy, the slightest thing/product can wind them up, so it takes a great product to live alongside these let's face it, bloody difficult peepers!
Nip + Fab already have an extensive line, of which I am a fan of, so when this was released I was interested to see if this cream could be the one.  Instantly drawn to the bright packaging (this product really stands out on the shelves), I thought I would give this a go.

Nip + Fab - Bee Sting Fix Eye
The actual pot isn't quite as exciting once out of the box, let's be honest.  However it's just a pot, I want to know what magic that cream inside can work.  The actual cream is very rich and creamy and a little certainly goes along way.  It does remind me of the consistency of the Kiehl's Avocado one, which I love, so this was a good start.  

Nip + Fab - Bee Sting Fix Eye
Strange to me, an eye cream smelling of honey, but it does (maybe the clues in the name of the product hey?). And 'Bee Sting' - really - around the eyes?

Nip + Fab's strangely named cream is rather good.   It is rich, doesn't budge and my eyes looked well rested.  At the moment, the cream doesn't seem to be affecting them and it provides a perfect base for concealer. 

I quite like it at the moment, however I need to use this a bit more first to let you know if it's any good.