We all long to look like we've had a great nights sleep and are younger than our years.  I've found just the product to help with this.
Benefit High Brow
After being very disappointed with Benefit's 'they're Real' mascara, this product has restored all faith in the brand. Benefit's High Brow is a pink/nude waxy crayon (matte finish) used to highlight under the brow, waterline or both.  Under the brow it gives the appearance, the brow has been lifted, thus making you look well rested and radiant.

I really rate this product, you can see from the 2 eye pictures above, the colour is so very subtle, however it does give the appearance the brow has been ever so slightly lifted, you look fresh, it makes you look polished and put together.

I have also tried using along the water line, it does last quite well, around 5 hours, and this opens up the eye.  It would also be great as an inner corner highlight.

Benefit also recommend highlighting slightly along the top of the natural brow arch to lift the look of the brow.  This is a great multipurpose product. Definitely a staple in my makeup bag.

Anyone else love this, or any other Benefit product?