Barry M Nail Paint Birthday
A really quick post to let you know about these 2 nail polishes I have discovered, which are perfect for Spring and Summer.  I bought both of these nail polishes in the last couple of weeks and must say I think I have found my Summer nail polish. 

Currently celebrating their 50th year on the high street,  Superdrug have teamed up with various different brands to sell limited edition products.  I could not resist this Barry M Nail Paint.  The Raspberry colour is so pretty.  It literally is a celebration in a tiny bottle, containing sparkly confetti.  You would definitely need 2 coats of this. It is very opaque with just 1 coat.  I really bought this polish, more as a novelty one, I'm not sure how often I will use this, but it's very pretty and it will come in handy one day I'm sure.
Revlon Parfumerie Apricot Nectar
My find for the Summer has to be this gorgeous orangey/coral/apricot colour from Revlon.  I have long seen their scented nail polishes in the stores.  When I popped in Boots, I thought what the hell I want to see what all the fuss is about.  The first thing I love is the bottle, the shape so reminds me of an old style perfume bottle from the French chemists long ago.  It's cute.
I love the colour, but found I would need to have time to do my nails, it couldn't just be a quick slap and go.  The brush is quite thin, not my favourite, however after 3 coats, the colour is just beautiful. Rich and highly pigmented.   I don't know if I really buy the whole scented aspect of the range.  To me it still smells very strongly of nail polish, however when it has dried, there is a hint of apricot.  However the normal strong nail polish scent still completely overpowers any hint of apricot you may catch.   There are another 20 scents in the range so there may be another which is more distinctive. These polishes retail for £6.49.
Lets face it, we don't really buy a nail polish for the smell anyway. I'm more looking for the finish, colour and application of the product. The colour of this is beautiful, and I will be wearing this long after the sun has gone down, over the Summer months.