Real Techniques Foundation Sponge

I have been using this sponge on and off for a while now. I didn't even know whether to post this review, as it's with a heavy heart when I say I really didn't get on with this. I swear by Real Techniques Makeup brushes, they are amazing.

The expert face brush leaves your foundation looking flawless.  I was so excited to try this and originally thought it was OK.  I really, really wanted to love it, as I'm addicted to the brushes and haven't found any better,  I just don't like it, let me explain why.

First of all I find the product just soaks into the sponge. Whereas with the Beauty Blender it doesn't, the foundation sits on the surface.  I tried using this wet and dry and still no difference, the foundation just soaked right in.  If you're using any foundation, especially if it's high end, you do not want to waste any product. 

The shape of the sponge is intriguing, instead of being fairly symmetrical and round, it has a flat edge and a tip to blend with.  This wasn't helpful at all and I found it more difficult to try to blend the foundation.  It hindered the application as opposed to helping, so im giving this a thumbs down.

I feel bad writing this review, as I love watching Pixiwoo's channel and generally love their Real Techniques products, but it just wasn't for me.