I have made a discovery and am completely in love with this product!
Blender Cleanser
Great, is not the word.  This is so simple, yet so innovative! A soap cleaner for brushes and sponges in a round pot. 

If you travel a lot, and use tonnes of make up brushes, this is a real find.  Just think if you are a makeup artist who stays from hotel to hotel, this is just incredible for something so simple. The Beauty Blender is one of my absolute favourite make up tools, so when they released blendercleanser, I could not wait to try.  This was part of my Sephora haul, and it really is quite brilliant.  I'm actually quite speechless something so simple, is just so helpful!

Blender Cleanser

How to Use:

1.  Wet sponge or brush with water.
2.  Squeeze or stroke brush into soap, work into a lather.
3.  Rinse well and squeeze excess water out.  Let air dry.
4.  Drain any excess water in dish and close container.

Your brushes/sponge are left so clean.   After using this my Real Techniques brushes looked like new. They smelt clean and fresh and took minutes to dry.

This product is a real find.  It makes washing and cleaning your brushes so quick and easy, with amazing results.