I had been looking for a multi-purpose cream for a long time, Steam Cream is great, you can use this for face, hands and body.  The tins themselves are all limited edition, there are many different designs to choose from to suit all people, with all different hobbies and from all walks of life.  The tins are generally around £12.95 each.  The only thing negative I would say, is that you do not get that much product, and the last tin I had I used up in 2 weeks.

However the actual cream is really lovely and full of natural ingredients. Orange flower water, oatmeal and vegetable glycerine hydrate your skin. Whilst almond and jojoba oils and cocoa butter, soften the skin.  The product itself smells very fresh, there is no distinct scent to it.  However it does have a hint of lavender.

This product is great.  Its not as thick as a body butter, but thicker than a lotion.  It sinks in beautifully, your skin feels hydrated and there's no sticky afterness or waiting for this to soak in.

As an every day cream I wouldn't use this.  It's too expensive and the tin doesn't last long enough.  However as a gift or to use now and then, I would definitely repurchase this. A lovely, lovely cream.