Now I'm a country girl at heart.  Yes, I'm a self-confessed makeup/beauty junkie, however I still love the great outdoors.  As I'm from a farming background I'm used to wellies, hats and horses, so when Charly from Pieboy Clothing, London, contacted me to see if I would like one of their woolly hats, I jumped at the chance. I received my lovely new hat a couple of days ago in the mail and I'm love with it.  

We all know Spring and hopefully Summer are on the way soon, however the wind today was still bitter outside.  So armed with my old Joules hoodie and my new Pieboy hat, I braved the wind to plant some foxgloves in the garden.  This little treasure kept me so warm, the wool is so soft, not scratchy or itchy at all.  Pieboy, I'm very impressed.  Now there's only so much you can say about a hat, but as far as bobble hats go this is a corker! 

Pieboy clothing is stocked up and down the country in the University Campus shops, prices ranging from £12.00 upwards. They offer 3 lines: original (the hat I received), urban and varsity. On their website they are classed as an urban brand, however I would be just as happy to wear my new hat on a day out in the country.

Thanks so much to Charly for sending me this, I will definitely be wearing this on colder days!

If you wish to buy your own Pieboy, find me here

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